How should we train? What will we eat? What will we carry? What time should we aim for? These were some of the questions we couldn’t find answers for as we signed up for our first Mountain Marathon in Glencoe.

Having now completed it and loved it, we wanted to share our experience with a hint of modest geeky analysis of some of the data collected to help anyone interested.

We also hope this will inspire many of you to register for this fantastic event, discover hill running and achieve something pretty special for yourself. 

The training

Learn about the 14 week training plan we used, read about our most memorable training runs and view some of our best photos!

About us Training plan Memorable runs Photos

The marathon

Read how we handled the logistics, our detailed write up of the big day and a brief analysis of our run in numbers. In addition, see the impact the marathon had on our time during the 5 km parkruns

Logistics Write up In numbers Effect on park run time


Download training routes around Edinburgh, our training plan, etc

Marathon training route example

The GPS project

This section has no direct link with the marathon but it relates to a side project that kept us busy throughout 2016 and that could be of interest to some of you. 

High quality GPS - objectives and tech details


High quality GPS - comparative tests

Accuracy tests

GPS data and statistics for touch rugby

Track tests

Touch Rugby GPS data