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We started our 3 month marathon training plan on the 1st of July and our main activities before then were Touch Rugby (~6 hours / week from April onward) and 5 km parkruns (most week throughout the year). Neither are that similar to marathon type endurance or hill running but they will have provided a good level of base fitness. 

Our first experience with hill running… leading to the registration to the Glencoe Marathon

Why the marathon then? And why doing a mountain one? 

Tell had completed a marathon before and once tried to convince me to train with him for another one. But I never had an interest in running beyond 5 km. Never. 

But then in June, my friend Alexis took part in the Celtman extreme Scottish Triathlon: 3.8 km swim, 200 km ride followed by a marathon up a Munro. If the distance is not sufficient to force respect, triathletes have to get to the bottom of the Munro within a specific time limit to get the famous “blue t-shirt”. From the moment you end the bike ride, it’s an 18 km run to get to the bottom of the Munro. 

I was keen to help Alexis achieve his goal in whichever possible way. He suggested I run this 18 km section with him. I had genuinely never done a run longer than 5 km until that day and was looking forward to it. Tell would not let me down and joined the day trip to the highlands. 

The atmosphere of the run was amazing, the scenery beautiful and the 18 km went by in no time and most importantly within the time limit for the blue t-shirt! We then let Alexis continue to climb the Munro with Andy, his registered compulsory support runner. 

During the 3 hr drive back, we couldn’t stop talking about how enjoyable this had been and how gutted we were to not have continued the rest of the journey with him. How could we reverse this mild disappointment? Onto google… patchy highlands 3G connection… oh there’s a marathon in Glencoe in 3 months? Let’s do this! 

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